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  New Mounting Design
Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     CD100MP3 Conversion Kit
Price     $ 284.00 MSRP
Shipping     $ 12.00 (Within USA)

Fast response, about 2 seconds or less between all song plays
Full 100 CD initialization takes 1.5 minutes or less

This is the worlds first conversion kit designed to replace the entire CD mechanism with an MP3 hard disk player in your ROWE/AMI CD100 jukebox

In Seconds ... Without Any Jukebox Modifications !

Any jukebox that uses the 408322xx Central Control Computer can be converted to a hard disk MP3 music player. This includes models CD100A through CD100E plus others.

Unlike PC based players, which need jukebox modifications, require programs to operate and take too long to boot up, the CD100MP3 connects directly to your jukebox central control computer and mimics the mechanism control and CD decoder operations. This tricks the jukebox into thinking it is still hooked up to a CD player. It is impossible to tell the difference between a CD player jukebox and the hard disk player jukebox except when the CD is changing or you're doing a full CD initialization, the hard disk player is extremely fast.

The CD100MP3 works with any notebook or laptop 44-pin ATA/IDE 2.5 inch hard disk drive from 2 to 60GB with a maximum height of 9.5mm. A 20GB drive is about all you will need for a 100 CD jukebox. This allows you to have up to 33 songs on each CD using the high quality bitrate of 192 kBits/s. That's an incredible 3,300 songs on a player measuring only 3.22"W x 5.28"D x .80"H, 8 oz. The CD100MP3 player is totally self contained and does not require any programs on the hard disk to operate.

Installations a snap! Only three connectors, the 2 RCA audio connectors to your amplifier and a 3-pin communication connector to your CCC. The hard disk player is so small, that it can sit beneath your CD mechanism or you can remove the mechanism completely.

Best of all, Maintenance free... no skipping, no mechanical wear, no adjustments and never needs cleaning or lubrication. The hard drive even turns itself off after 30 seconds of no activity.

Your conversion kit comes with ...

  • USB 2.0 external HDD circuit board
  • MP3-DSP digital music player circuit board
  • CD100 interface cable
  • PC USB interface cable
  • Enclosure
  • Power supply
  • PC USB software
  • Storage pouch
  • Installation Manual

The hard disk drive is NOT included
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Download a copy of the installation manual
(in PDF format)

You can get your free PDF reader here

From Our Customers ...

  • Super product ! "Two Thumbs Up"
  • Tested with jukebox models CD51 and CD100A through CD100E
  • Has excellent sound quality
  • Knocked off up to 15 seconds between song plays
  • Impressed with the full initialization speed of only 2 minutes
  • This was the easiest installation I ever did
  • Everyone's playing the jukebox just to hear what MP3 music sounds like
  • Does allow you to have up to 99 tracks on each disc

    Jukebox Owner Information

    The CD100MP3 is an aftermarket product that replaces the original CD player and mechanism in your jukebox. The player is a "direct plug-in" upgrade that uses a hard drive to store phonorecords or recorded musical compositions.

    The hard disk MP3 conversion kits are developed for jukebox owners for non public performance use. We do not supply jukebox licenses.

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