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Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     PCPlayBox2, Wallbox to PC
Price     $ 99.00
Shipping     $ 12.00 (Within USA)

PC PlayBox2

Plays MP3, WMA and high quality WAV files, Prints colorful title strips.

This amazing adapter works with...

  • AMI W-40, W-80, W-120 (40/80/120-select)
  • AMI WQ-200 (200-select)
  • Rock-Ola 500 (160-select)
  • Rock-Ola 1555 (200-select)
  • Rock-Ola 1558 (160-select)
  • Rowe WRA, WRB, WRC (200-select)
  • Seeburg Wall-O-Matic 3W1, 3W100 (100 select)
  • Seeburg Wall-O-Matic 3WA (200-select)
  • Seeburg Consolette, All models (160-select)
  • Wurlitzer 3020 (24-select)
  • Wurlitzer 5207 (104-select)
  • Wurlitzer 5210 (200-select)
  • Wurlitzer 5220 (200-select)
  • Wurlitzer 5225 (100-select)
  • Wurlitzer 5250 (200-select)

Easy installation, connect the wallbox adapter to your PC's serial port. If you don't have a serial port connector on your PC, you can use a USB to RS-232 cable. Install the PCPlayBox2 software, go to the setup menu and select the serial port number, the disk and directory of where your songs are located and the wallbox type you have connected.

Setting up your songs are the easiest of all, simply click the song in your songlist then click the wallbox button for the position of that song. The PCPlayBox2 even features an autofill button to automatically load all of the songs from your songlist to each of the wallbox selections. Wow!, that's a really handy feature ...

Another nice feature allows you to add songs to the playlist or delete songs from the playlist. Simply double click on the song name. This is great if you want to preview songs before entering them into your wallbox selections.

Printing the title strips are awesome, it's so automatic and professional. The title strip backgrounds use bitmap files, which allow you to change colors, add pictures or just create your own special title strips. There are so many different types of title strip bitmaps available on the web such as Christmas, Elvis, Beatles, and many other original scans that can be edited using Windows Paint. And they all work with PCPlayBox2 !!!.

This is the lowest cost wallbox player system I've ever seen. You don't need a jukebox and you don't need a CD changer or MP3 player. All you'll need is this adapter kit and a Radio Shack $10 transformer (Part # 273-1512) to power your wallbox.

Minimum System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible 200 MHz or faster
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/XP/2000
  • RAM Memory of 32 MB or higher
  • 24 MB free hard disk space (does not include music files)
  • Monitor resolution Super-VGA (800x600) or higher
  • Windows compatible sound card (16-bit or better)
  • Windows compatible mouse or pointing device
  • Serial Interface Port (9-pin male DSUB connector)
  • Amplified PC speakers or stereo component with line inputs

Seeburg 3W1 Want to know more about PCPlayBox2 ? Go Ann Marie !

Download a copy of the user manual
(in PDF format, 2MB)

You can get your free PDF reader here

Download PCPlayBox2 Windows Version 1.2a (ZIP 35MB)

NOTE: PCPlayBox2 will not operate with Microsoft VISTA ...
Below, is a user submitted application that you can try.

Play Box Pro Beta 1.03.0003 by Douglas A. Storey (ZIP 11MB)

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