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Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     RCU-MP3 Combo Upgrade
Price     $ 269.00
Shipping     $ 12.00 (Within USA)

ROWE/AMI Combo Upgrade Kit

With USB 2.0
Disk drive is not included

Data Sync Engineering's RCU-MP3 kit was designed to upgrade your ROWE/AMI Combo Jukebox to play MP3 music files from a disk drive or Compact Flash memory card. Any combo jukebox that uses the 4-07773-xx Central Control Computer can be upgraded. This includes models R-90, R-91, R-92, R-93 and R-94. The RCU-MP3 automatically adapts to the Central Control Computer offering support of 6 discs each having up to 32 songs. Most non-combo jukeboxes can also be upgraded by replacing the EPROM program with a combo support version.

Copying Your MP3 Songs To The Hard Disk
Assemble your hard disc drive to the USB downloader board. Start up Windows Explorer then plug in your USB connector. A new drive letter should appear in the left frame. Clear all files from your disk drive. Create six new folders for the Rowe combo's six discs. The first two characters of each folder name must begin with the two digit disc number (01, 02, 03, 04, 05 & 06). The following characters can be any name or description you choose. Within each folder drag & drop your MP3 song files. The first two characters of the file name must begin with the two digit track number from 01 to 32.

Hooking Up The Digital Music Player To Your Jukebox
Assemble your hard disc drive to the MP3-DSP digital music player board. Plug in the 9-pin mini DIN connector (arrow or notch at the top). Position the 5-pin CCC connector through the cable clamps then plug into the P5 "DATA" connector on the Central Control Computer. Connect the red 5-pin audio cable to the aux input on the amplifier. If the jukebox has a light display, plug that connector onto the extended pins. Plug the other end of the audio cable to the MP3-DSP connector. Plug in the power supply connector then apply power.

CD Initialization
To perform the CD initialization, place the jukebox service switch into the SERVICE position then type 777 on the keypad. When initialization starts, four dashes will appear on the Central Control Computer display. When the initialization is complete, the CCC display will go blank.

Playing MP3 Songs
On a combo jukebox, CD's are selected by entering a four digit number. The first digit is always "5" for CD selections. The second digit is the disc # less one. To select disc "1", you would enter "0". The last two digits are the track # of the song you wish to play. For example, if you wanted to play disc 3, track 9, you would enter "5209" on the keypad.

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