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CDW Control Unit Board
CD Wallette Control Unit Board

CD Wallette before control board change
Before Installation

CD Wallette after control board change
After Installation

25-Volt Power Transformer (Radio Shack 273-1512B)
The Power Transformer
(Not supplied, buy at Radio Shack)

CD Wallette playing a song
And Now It's Playing

Accessories Included
Accessories Included

That's Right !!!

A Real Working Wallbox

That Doesn't Need

a Jukebox

4GB Compact flash Card
USB2.0 CF Reader/Writer
Wireless Remote Control Kit
Full Featured Remote

Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     CDW Control Unit
Price     $ 349.00
Shipping     $ 12.00 (Within USA)

Converts a Rowe CD Wallette Into a Jukebox

This is a self contained jukebox controller and music player !!!
Can even be used to build your own jukebox or adapt to others*
*Requires a keyboard, display and power supply (schematic included)

This remarkable CDW Control Unit converts a Rowe 50 title-strip CD Wallette into a complete coin operated jukebox. Plays MP3 files from a Compact Flash memory card. No moving parts, no worn out lasers, requires no maintenance and will never skip.

The CDW Controller has many programmable features such as coin ratio settings or Free Play, continuous background music or timed autoplay. You can set it retain or erase credits and/or selected songs at power up. The 4GB Compact Flash memory card provides a selection range of 50 CD's with up to 20 tracks on each using the near CD quality bitrate of 128 Kbps. You'll need a larger memory card for increased disc and track selection capacity.

Installation's a snap ! Only four connectors and three screws. Setting up your songs are just as easy. Create a folder for each CD number selection then store MP3 songs into each folder for the track selections. The first two letters of each song filename are numeric digits that identify the songs selection position. Song selections can be individual tracks, complete albums or from the popularity list. Autoplay chooses sequential tracks from mixed discs and can be programmed for "all discs" or only disc numbers 50 through 99.

The player supports all MP3 bitrates, including VBR, up to 320 kbits/s. Super fast song changes between selections. Contains a built-in stereo power amplifier delivering crisp clean sound.

The full featured wireless remote control provides the convenience of adjusting the volume level, pausing play, song cancel, turning background music on/off and making selections.

About bitrates 128 Kbps is generally referred to as "near CD quality" while 192 Kbps is considered "CD quality". Using a higher bitrate provides better song quality but also produces larger file sizes which limit the total song capacity. If your only using the wallbox speakers, then 128 Kbps would be fine.

CDW Control Unit Features

  • Plays from a Compact Flash Card, 100% Solid State reliability
  • Plays all MPEG layer-III encodings, fixed and VBR, up to 320 kbits/s
  • Super fast song changes provide non-stop music
  • Programmable coin credits or set to free play
  • Programmable autoplay: off, 1-30 minutes or continuous
  • Song selections have priority over autoplay
  • Programmable autoplay highest track number
  • Mixed disc autoplay range: all or discs 50-99
  • Programmable selection range: 0001-4999 up to 9999 (8,000 songs using 32GB CF card)
  • Album play; Enter 2-digit disc number then press POPULAR
  • Press the POPULAR key to select songs from the popularity list
  • Programmable retain or erase credits at power up
  • Programmable retain or erase selected songs at power up
  • 6W Integrated power amplifier for internal or external speakers
  • RCA jacks provide "line-out" audio for external amplifier connections
  • Adjust volume or cancel play from wallbox or wireless remote
  • Wireless remote controls volume, pause, cancel and autoplay and make selections
  • Operates from a 25VAC 2A transformer (Radio Shack 273-1512B or equiv.)

CDW Control Unit Specifications
Maximum Selection Range:     9,900 Songs (0001 to 9999)
Total Credit Accumulations:     255
Maximum Stored Selections:     126 (no credits lost if memory is full)
Autoplay Modes:     Off, 1 to 30 Minutes, Continuous

4GB Compact Flash Capacity:     1,000 Songs @128 Kbps (50 CD's @ 20 tracks)
8GB Compact Flash Capacity:     2,000 Songs @128 Kbps (100 CD's @ 20 tracks)
16GB Compact Flash Capacity:     4,000 Songs @128 Kbps (100 CD's @ 40 tracks)
32GB Compact Flash Capacity:     8,000 Songs @128 Kbps (100 CD's @ 80 tracks)

Power Amplifier Specifications
Output Power (RMS):     3 Watts Per Channel
Frequency Response:     20 to 25,000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio:     84 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion:     0.2%, Both Channels, 4Ω, 3W @1KHz
Speaker Impedance:     4 to 45 Ohms

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