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Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     Passive Inverse-RIAA Filter
Price     $ 35.00 MSRP
Shipping     $ 10.00 (Within USA)

Phono Input Converter for your Rowe/AMI Vinyl Jukebox

This is an "Isolated Passive Inverse-RIAA Filter Network" that allows you to connect external line level audio, such as CD, DVD, MP3 or PC soundcard output, to the phono input of your Rowe/AMI vinyl jukebox amplifier.

How does the phono input converter work ...

When vinyl records are recorded, the sound is equalized according to a curve called RIAA. This equalization method attenuates the low frequencies and increases the highs. The pre-amplifier circuit of a phono input reverses the RIAA curve by amplifying the lows and attenuating the highs.

Unlike magnetic cartridges, line level audio signals are too high and are not equalized for phono inputs. The Inverse-RIAA filter is used to reduce the signal level and apply an inverse RIAA equalization, which cancels the equalization made by the pre-amplifier, returning lows and highs to their original level. This filter is 100% isolated which eliminates any buzz and ground loop noise.

How is the audio adapter installed ...

You can install the audio adapter in less than 10 seconds. Simply unplug the 4-pin phono cable from your record mechanism and connect it to this device. The RCA plugs at the other end connect to your CD, MP3 or any other line level audio source.

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