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SAW Resonators
Item     310 MHz SAW Resonator
Price     $ 2.50 each
Shipping     $ 3.00 (USPS Within USA)

310 MHz Surface-Acoustic-Wave (SAW) Resonator
Useful for X10 Home Automation RF Transmitter Applications

The SR310 is a One-port SAW Resonator used in Wireless Remote Control transmitters that require high frequency and temperature stability while offering superior performance over LC tuned transmitters. The 310 MHz frequency is commonly used for X10 RF wireless controls within the USA. The SAW resonator can be used to change the frequency of widely available 315 MHz transmitter modules that use the TO-39 (round silver can) component type. Allows the experimenter/developer to easily prototype their RF project ideas.

You can find some 315 MHz Transmitter Modules HERE

With 315 MHz SAW Resonator

With 310 MHz SAW Resonator

S.A.W. Resonator (one port) - Specifications (Characteristics)

Center Frequency:     310 MHz
Frequency Tolerance:     ±75 KHz
Insertion Loss:     <2.0 db
Quality Factor:     >12000 (Unloaded), >2000 (50Ohm)
Maximum DC Voltage:     +/-30 Volts
Package:     TO-39

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