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1  640x480  Red
2  640x480  Green
3  640x480  Blue
4  640x480  Black
5  640x480  White
6  640x480  Wht Border
7  640x400  Mag Squares
8  640x400  Wht Squares
9  640x480  Color Bars
10  800x600  Color Bars 1
11  800x600  Color Bars 2
12  1024x768  Color Bars
13  1280x1024  Color Bars
14  Burnin 1  Fixed Scan
15  Burnin 2  Multi Scan
16  Burnin 3  Factory Test

Factory Test meets the requirements for Energy Star and Nutek compliance testing.


Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     VGA-Plus
Price     $ 79.00
Shipping     $ 12.00 (Within USA)

The VGA-Plus is a compact and versatile computer monitor tester and exerciser. With 16 switch selectable functions, you can diagnose, repair and test all VGA type monitors, projectors, LCD displays and video capture equipment without the need of a computer. The VGA-Plus will test for Purity, Blank Raster, High Voltage Regulation, Pincushion, Convergence, Linearity, Color Balance, Sync Rate and provides sequencing functions which allow extended burn-in testing for Fixed Scan, Multi Scan or Multi Scan with Power Cycling (Energy Star/Nutek compliant monitors). The tester is equipped with a DC power jack and has a 15-pin high-density female D-Sub connector. The unit measures 2.25" x 2.18" x .65" and is powered with a 9-volt battery or AC wall adapter (not included).

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VGA-SE10 Tester

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