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Tuning the Super-Regenerative Receiver

For X10 Home Automation RF Receiver Applications

Most X10 transmitters are LC tuned and do not work too well with Super-Heterodyne receivers because of their frequency drift. Super-Regenerative receivers, on the other hand, provide very good sensitivity and have a wide frequency bandwidth making them the best choice for X10 RF.

Here are two low cost, readily available 315 MHz receiver modules that can be easily tuned to 310 MHz.

Tuning the Super-Regenerative Receiver to the X10 RF Frequency of 310 MHz

Power up the module with a 5-volt supply and no antenna attached. You will adjust the coil tuning slug for maximum signal amplitude. A scope would be best or use the circuit above with a voltmeter.

The signal test point is at the junction of the IC Pin 3 and the 200K ohm resistor. It is the received signal before the "data slicer". While transmitting a continuous signal from an X10 RF wireless remote, and using a non-metallic tuning tool, adjust the tuning slug counter clockwise nearly 1/2 turn until the voltmeter reading reaches maximum. At close range, the reading will be about 2.7 volts. Move the transmitter further away and adjust for the final maximum voltage reading.

Make an X10 310 MHz Transmitter Module

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Posted: February 10, 2011 - - - - Last Update: January 1, 2013