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Where can I find a used Jukebox or Wallbox for my home rec room ?

Jukeboxes and wallboxes were the culture of America. At one time, just about every diner and local bar had several wallboxes (or bar-boxes) which were connected to a jukebox or a "hide-away" jukebox.

That all changed after Sony introduced the first CD player in 1982.

By 1985, CD sales were beginning to skyrocket as consumers were now (re)purchasing their favorite music on this new media.

The jukebox industry had to also make changes to include this new music technology. At first, jukeboxes were introduced as dual media play, vinyl 45's and limited CD's, then shortly after, CD only. This left decades of vinyl jukeboxes and wallboxes behind and abandoned. Small "mom & pop" diners were not able to afford the cost of a new CD system, and so, the vinyl system was taken down and removed from service.

The best place to start looking for used jukeboxes and wallboxes would be to find local jukebox operators in your area. You can get their name from the Jukebox License label that is on every jukebox they have on location. They usually have units that were taken out of service. I'm sure they would be glad to free up some storage space, besides, jukeboxes are heavy, about 300 pounds or more, wallboxes are about 30 pounds, and you'll save a lot on shipping if you can pick it up locally.

Another place would be at jukebox swap meets and collector shows. You can usually find some listings HERE

Lloyd at has lots of wallboxes and jukeboxes, too many to list on his website. Call or email and tell him Ed at Data Sync sent you.

John Durfee at usually has a good selection of jukeboxes and wallboxes but you'll have to check his site often for newly arrived items.

The eBay auction site is another place but expect to pay high shipping costs and you won't be able to inspect the quality of the product. Ask plenty of questions and verify the sellers feedback.

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