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    About The MP3-DSP Hard Disk Player

    Supports hard disk capacity of up to 137GB

    The MP3-DSP is a series of hard disk drive MP3 players designed to replace the CD changers used in jukeboxes, wallboxes, home entertainment systems and auto.

    This unit provides CD changer emulation of up to 256 discs, with each having up to 99 tracks, which is limited only by the storage capacity of the hard disk drive (HDD).

    The kit comes with a USB external HDD circuit board and the MP3-DSP digital music player circuit board. The USB external hard disk adds a drive letter to your computer allowing you to transfer MP3 files. It can also be used as an external USB hard drive. The MP3-DSP is the actual MP3 player and CD changer emulator. The pictures at the left show the easy assembly steps of the MP3-DSP player.

    Using Windows Explorer, you would create directories for the disc numbers then drag & drop MP3 files for each song track.

    The MP3-DSP works with any 44-pin ATA/IDE 2.5 inch hard disk drive from 2GB and up having a maximum height of 9.5mm. Uses the FAT32 file system with long or short file name support. Other features include auto master/slave detect and power down.

    The MP3 player supports all layer-III encodings at fixed and variable bit-rates up to and including 320 kB/s.

    A 24-bit DAC provides 96 dB of audio dynamic range.

    Click HERE to download a copy of the MP3-DSP User's Manual
    (in PDF format)

    Click HERE to search eBay for hard disk drives

    Click HERE for the MP3-DSP Spectral Analysis including compression level graphs
    (in PDF format)

    You can get your free PDF reader here


    MP3 Digital Subsystem Player Kits

    All kits come with a USB external HDD circuit board, MP3-DSP digital music player circuit board, connector cables, enclosure, power supply, USB software and a storage pouch.
    Depending on your model type, additional cables and/or adapters will also be included.

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