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  • Works with all laptop/notebook HDD's
  • Supports all layer-III (MP3) encodings
  • Variable or fixed bit rates to 320 Kbps
  • Detects master/slave drive setting
  • Automatic power down on no activity
  • Serial or IR remote control capability
  • Auto starts from last disc/track played
  • Extracts song title/artist from filename


  • MP3-DSP player circuit board
  • 16 char x 2 line backlit serial LCD
  • IR signal receiver module
  • 6 button IR remote transmitter
  • 9-pin DSUB male connector
  • MP3-DSP connector cable
  • PC serial port cable
  • Power supply

  New Mounting Design
Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     MP3-OEM Integration Kit
Price     $ 249.00
Shipping     $ 12.00 (Within USA)

This is the OEM integrator's version of the popular Data Sync Engineering MP3 Digital Subsystem Player. It allows the developer/experimenter to explore the control features of the fully functional hard disk drive MP3 player. The kit is supplied with an MP3-DSP player circuit board, power supply, connector cable, components for IR remote control and a 2-line backlit LCD display to show song title and artist name. The MP3-OEM also incorporates the Pioneer PD-Fxxx mega changer emulation mode, providing Control In and CD-Deck Syncro signals that will work with most PC jukebox software. A serial interface cable is provided to allow direct control of the player using the 9600 baud serial port of your PC.

The player can be easily integrated into your music/message annunciation system or you can use it as a standalone player for continuous music play. Instant song plays between any disc and track with song title and artist name display, has no disc change or ID tag lookup delay. You can switch the entire set of songs, in seconds, by simply changing the hard disk drive. Great for gatherings and parties, a definite conversation starter by fascinated onlookers.

The MP3-OEM player works with any notebook or laptop 44-pin ATA/IDE 2.5 inch hard disk drive from 2GB and up, or you can use a header adapter to convert for 40-pin 3.5 inch drives (requires additional 12VDC power supply). The player is totally self contained and does not require any programs on the hard disk to operate.

The MP3-OEM file storage uses folders for discs and files for tracks. You can have up to 256 folders each containing up to 255 files, that's over 65 thousand songs. This CD style format allows you to arrange your favorite music by category, artist or album. The direct search and play feature provides single play of up to 10,000 songs or audio messages.

The hard disk drive is NOT included.
You can now purchase hard disk drives for the MP3-OEM player directly from us.

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