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  New Mounting Design
Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     RMC-MP3 Upgrade Kit
Price     $ 299.00
Shipping     $ 12.00 (Within USA)

This is the worlds first upgrade kit that allows you to replace the vinyl mechanism with an MP3 hard disk player in your ROWE/AMI jukebox

In Seconds ... Without Any Modifications !

Any jukebox that uses the 6-08870-xx or 4-07773-xx Central Control Computer or the 4-07221-xx Mechanism Control unit can be adapted to play high quality MP3 music from either a hard disk drive or Compact Flash memory card.

This includes models CTI-2, R-84, R-85, R-86, R-87, R-88, R-89, R-90, R-91, R-92, R-93, R-94, RI-4, RI-5, Prelude, Tempo, Tempo-Disco, Jewel, Starburst, Starlight, Starwood, Blue Magic, Gold Magic, Romantica, Golden 7/8/89/90/91/92, Sapphire 7/8/89/90/91/92, LaCombo, ComboStar, RoweStar and others.

Bright LED indicators show the simulation progress. The RMC-MP3 works with any notebook or laptop 44-pin ATA/IDE 2.5 inch hard disk drive from 2 to 120GB.

Unlike vinyl jukeboxes, where half of the selections are the flip-side of the record, this upgrade gives you a true selection of 200 of your favorite songs. This is the MP3 player, your PC is only used when you want to download new songs onto your disk drive. You can even make up disk drives for different events, such as birthdays and holidays.

This advanced technology upgrade never needs maintenance and is designed to provide years of reliable service. The no modification upgrade takes only seconds to install or to switch back to vinyl.

Your upgrade kit comes with ...

  • MP3-DSP digital music player
  • Jukebox interface converter computer
  • Passive Inverse-RIAA equalization filter
  • Connector cables
  • Power supply
  • USB 2.0 External HDD Cable
  • Installation Manual

The hard disk drive is NOT included.
The RMC-MP3 will work with any notebook or laptop 44-pin ATA/IDE 2.5 inch hard disk drive from 2 to 120GB.
A 2-5GB disk drive will provide enough storage for all of your song selections.

Rowe R84 Jukebox Want to know more about the RMC-MP3 upgrade kit ? Go Ann Marie !

Download a copy of the installation manual
(in PDF format)

You can get your free PDF reader here

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