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1) Remove the old controller

2) Solder pin strips & socket

3) Plug in the R84CHIP module


R-84, R84
R-85, R85
R-86, R86
R-87, R87
R-88, R88
Blue Magic
Gold Magic
Golden 7
Saphire 7
Golden 8
Saphire 8

If you own a Rowe/AMI jukebox, models R-84 through R-88, you probably didn't know that the custom computer chip used in the Central Control Computer is obsolete and no longer available. This shortage is causing repair centers to charge much higher prices to repair these boards. I know, because I have serviced several of these boards myself, and like many other repair centers, had to salvage this part from other boards. Since then, I have accumulated several control boards missing the computer chip.

I Decided To Do Something About It ...

With over 10 years of design experience with these jukeboxes, and several weeks of work, I developed a direct plug-in replacement for this Controller IC called the R84CHIP module. Not only can it be used for the -01 and -04 circuit boards, it also eliminates the Ni-Cad backup battery. If you repair these boards, then you know how much damage the leaking acid can cause.

I would highly recommend that you have one of these as a spare ...


The R84CHIP is a circuit board module designed as a direct plug-in replacement for the obsolete microprocessor chip in Rowe jukeboxes that use the 6-08870-0x Central Control Computer. This includes all models R-84 to R-88, CTI-2, RI-3, RI-4, RI-5, Disco, Prelude, Tempo, Jewel, Starburst, Starlight, Starwood, Blue Magic, Gold Magic, Romantica, Golden 7, Saphire 7, Golden 8, Saphire 8 and others.

The module replaces the old microprocessor with an advanced microcontroller design to exactly duplicate the jukebox operation. The module is self-contained with its own non-volatile memory, therefore, you can remove the NiCad backup battery and protect your jukebox computer board from destructive "acid damage".

The module comes with two pin strip headers and an IC socket. Depending on your jukebox circuit board part number, you would either be using the U1 position for part # 6-08871-04 circuit boards (Mostek) or the U2 position for 6-08871-01 boards (Rockwell). The larger pin diameter of the pin strips will be soldered into the correct U1 or U2 position then plugged into the 40-pin socket at IC position Z115 on the Rowe jukebox control board.

Works with WRE wallboxes & adapters YES YES
Uses Pricing Board configurations YES YES
Displays jukebox error codes NO YES
Show "Selections Remaining" NO Reset key
Saved selections on power failure YES YES
Saved credits on power failure NO YES
Maximum paid credit amount $12.25 Unlimited
Maximum stored selections 45 Unlimited

Rowe R84 Jukebox Learn More About the R84CHIP Module ? Go Ann Marie !

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Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     R84CHIP Module
Price     $ 50.00
Shipping     $ 12.00 (Within USA)

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