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Converted R-90 with CD Combo
Shown with 50 CD Changer - CDP-CX55

All Jukebox Models R-84 to R-94

Supported Sony Models

  • CDP-CX53
  • CDP-CX55
  • CDP-CX57
  • CDP-CX70ES
  • CDP-CX88ES
  • CDP-CX200
  • CDP-CX205
  • CDP-CX210
  • CDP-CX220
  • CDP-CX225
  • CDP-CX230
  • CDP-CX235
  • CDP-CX240
  • CDP-CX250
  • CDP-CX255
  • CDP-CX260
  • CDP-CX270
  • CDP-CX333ES
  • CDP-CX555ES
  • CDP-CX300
  • CDP-CX335
  • CDP-CX350
  • CDP-CX355
  • CDP-M333ES
  • CDP-M555ES
  • CDP-CX400
  • CDP-CX450
  • CDP-CX455

Conversion Kit Contents
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Manufacturer     Data Sync Engineering
Model     RMC-SONY Conversion Kit
Price     $ 169.00
Shipping     $ 8.00 (Within USA)

Discontinued !

This is the worlds first conversion kit designed to replace the entire vinyl
mechanism with a CD Changer in your ROWE/AMI Jukebox

It even replaces the old worn out CD changer in combo jukeboxes ...

  And Now Even Better ...    Offers SIX or TEN Disc CD Combo Support !!!

In Minutes ... Without Any Jukebox Modifications !

~~~~~    That's right !    ~~~~~
200 record selections PLUS 6 or 10-disc CD combo all on one Sony changer

Dig out those old vinyl jukeboxes and put them back into service. How about all those unplayed jukeboxes sitting in bars, rec rooms and waffle houses. Or diners, with huge investments in wallboxes. With this conversion kit, you can now upgrade to CD and offer the best in music hits. And you'll be amazed with the brilliant sound quality.

This kit was designed to operate with any ROWE/AMI jukebox that uses the 6-08870-xx or 4-07773-xx Central Control Computer or the 4-07221-xx Mechanism Control unit.

This includes models CTI-2, R-84, R-85, R-86, R-87, R-88, R-89, R-90, R-91, R-92, R-93, R-94, RI-4, RI-5, Prelude, Tempo, Tempo-Disco, Jewel, Starburst, Starlight, Starwood, Blue Magic, Gold Magic, Romantica, Golden 7/8/89/90/91/92, Sapphire 7/8/89/90/91/92, LaCombo, ComboStar, RoweStar and others.

The RMC-SONY works with the jukebox Central Control Computer by simulating the operation of the record mechanism. This tricks the jukebox into thinking it is still playing records, but instead, itís playing CDís. The jukebox operates exactly as it did before, but now with superb audio quality. No more scratches, pops or rumble and no more worrying about worn records or stylus and cartridge replacements. In addition to vinyl, it also replaces the Pioneer 6-disc or Sony 10-disc CD changer in combo jukeboxes.

Each record selection can be individually programmed to play any track on any CD disc. All programming is stored in memory and will not be erased when powered off. Unlike vinyl jukeboxes, where half of the selections are the flip-side of the record, this conversion kit gives you a true selection of 200 completely different songs.

Includes everything you need to connect your jukebox to a Sony CD Changer.

  • Vinyl to CD Mechanism Converter computer
  • Combo feature cable
  • Sony CD Mega-Changer cable
  • Audio Setup CD
  • Inverse RIAA filter to convert CD audio to phono
  • User's Manual

Rowe R84 Jukebox Learn More About the RMC-SONY Conversion Kit ? Go Ann Marie !

Download a copy of the installation manual
(in PDF format)

You can get your free PDF reader here

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